Konstantin Anoshkin

iOS Software

My Secrets

My Secrets

Keep your stuff encrypted.
Organize your things the way you like.
Enjoy stylish interface.

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Mobile Lines

Mobile Lines

The most feature-rich version of classic Lines for your iPhone with crisp graphics, cool animations, intuitive interface.

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Mac OS X Software

My Backup

My Backup

Mac OS X application to backup and restore My Secrets data with one click.

Lines (no longer supported)


Lines is a classic board game. Arrange same-colored pieces in rows of five or more to keep the board clean as long as possible.

Screen Dimmer (no longer supported)

Screen Dimmer

Theoretically the most primitive screen saver. It merely dims your Mac’s screen without drawing anything special. It’s silly but it serves its original purpose to protect an analog monitor. Note that LCD monitors are different in that they need to be powered off to actually last longer.

Volimiter (no longer supported)


A faceless background application (daemon) which limits the system’s sound volume. It uses CoreAudio API to get notified about output volume changes and, whenever it exceeds a limit, restores it to the said limit.

This product is distributed as arsware under the terms of GNU General Public License. If you find it useful, say thank-you to the members of ArsTechnica forums.

7 Colors (no longer supported)

7 Colors

A logical game for two players.

Classic Spy (no longer supported)

Classic Spy

Classic Spy installs an icon in the menu bar which indicates whether the Classic Environment is running or not. It includes a menu to easily start and stop Classic.