Konstantin Anoshkin

7 Colors

7 Colors

7 Colors is a logical game for two players. The rectangular board consists of tiles of 7 colors. At the beginning of the game players occupy two opposite corners. Players make moves by turns. A player can change her/his color, which re-paints all the occupied tiles. If the chosen color coincides with the color of an unoccupied tile in the closest neighborhood, that tile goes to the player. A player wins when she/he occupies more than half of the board.


Binary type

PowerPC only



System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later;
  • color monitor;
  • 8 MB of free RAM;
  • at least 2 MB of free hard disk space.

Version history

1.2.2 (build 23)

  • fixed a bug when a board could be generated with holes making some cells inaccessible;
  • various performance enhancements.

1.2.1 (build 21)

  • new more reliable update mechanism;
  • the splash screen now has a shadow in Mac OS 10.3 Panther;
  • numerous minor improvements.

1.2 (build 19)

  • one more AI level added, dubbed Guru;
  • fixed a bug when the application might crash after registering.

1.1 (build 16)

  • optional hints are now provided;
  • toolbar images are completely reworked;
  • animation is optional;
  • animation is a little smoother;
  • registered users can now turn off the splash screen;
  • fixed a bug when the colors got dirty tints.

1.0 (build 13)

  • initial release.