Konstantin Anoshkin

Classic Spy

Classic Spy

Classic Spy installs an icon in the menu bar which indicates whether the Classic Environment is running or not. It includes a menu to easily start and stop Classic.


Binary type

PowerPC only



System requirements

  • Mac OS X (version 10.1 or later);
  • either Menu Cracker or Menu Extra Enabler is required for Mac OS 10.2 or later;
  • at least 200 KB of free hard disk drive space;
  • at least 1 MB of free RAM.

Version history


  • Jaguar compatibility fixed.


  • if SystemUIServer crashes, Classic Spy no longer leaves an obsolete copy of its daemon running;
  • an option is added to terminate Classic;
  • the menu icon is now inverted correctly when selected;
  • more localization packages supplied.


  • the GUI is no longer a standalone application, it is a menu extra (SystemUIServer plug-in);
  • the daemon is a faceless Carbon tool which sends NSNotifications to the main plug-in;
  • it is now possible to shut down Classic;
  • Classic Spy 2.0 features a monochrome Apple-style icon and is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL.


  • the daemon now calls sysctl() and can be run without set-uid tricks;
  • fixed a bug on dual-processor machines;
  • the installer is no longer necessary.


  • initial release.