Konstantin Anoshkin

Screen Dimmer

Screen Dimmer

Theoretically the most primitive screen saver. It merely dims your Mac’s screen without drawing anything special. It’s silly but it serves its original purpose to protect an analog monitor. Note that LCD monitors are different in that they need to be powered off to actually last longer.

Download (Tiger users should download version 2.1).

Binary type

Universal binary



System requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

Version history


  • For compatibility with Mac OS X 10.6 Screen Dimmer is now a fat binary (32/64 bit Intel and 32 bit PowerPC);
  • numerous bug fixes for Snow Leopard.


  • Screen Dimmer is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 aka Leopard.


  • You can now specify how long the fade-out lasts.


  • Universal Binary;
  • fixed preview color distortions;
  • optional password protection which overrides default security measures of Mac OS 10.3 and later (use with extreme caution).


  • initial release.